Frontstreet 8 is the recognized fashion brand for have revolutionized the world of outerwear through letters and words that launch a message, inputs and ideas.
Born from an idea of Federico Borella and Mauro Russo, the brand is distinguished by the inspiration of personalized lettering on garments with basic shapes and solid colors, chosen by cosmopolitan women, that think outside the box but understand today’s world.
Coats, down jackets and jackets, which have always been essential for every
woman's wardrobe, they communicate simply with the alphabet dressing women who do not want to take themselves too seriously but who choose not to pass by unnoticed.
These coats are not only used to protect ourselves from the cold, but become
something that represents the uniqueness of every woman: vowels and consonants give life to simple words that sound like greetings or motivational words ready to be put into action. Every season Frontstreet 8 creates collections that adapt the original idea of the brand to seasonal trends by proposing phrases and words that become real advice.
Fashion becomes pure communication and the Frontstrett 8 garments are the ideal medium for conveying a specific message.